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You feel like lion in a cage.

Muscles flexed, eyes on the target, your mane declaring you proud and powerful to the world.

Lean in a little closer and you unmask the hidden.

Fear, shame and the suffocating weight of uncertainty, which leave a knot in your belly, a quiver in your throat and a rampant heartbeat in your chest.

Anxiety has a way of seeping through the cracks and shattering the real picture.

The real you.

Welcome to The Anxious Poet, the home of roared truths.

I’m Meegs, a freak with a pen. I’m addicted to the deep and allergic to the shallow. Call me the lady mayor of misfits (I dare you!)

Poetry has saved me during the darkest depths of time. When I crashed and burned; when I dared to be different and raise my voice; when I threw it all in to listen to the whisper of my soul.

Poetry was there, opening, caressing and imploring me to wake up, one tender syllable at a time.

Poetry was there too when I was f@!*ing tired of trying to fit in.

Fit into what, by the way? Another cookie-cutter-version-of-myself? Another box?

No thank you!

Poetry is an extraordinary tool for unleashing your inner lion from the cage of anxiety and all the bullshit pressures and constraints of society.

It won’t always be easy – I’m not going to lie. Being vulnerable, raw and living on the very edge of your calling never is.

But I can promise you this…

It will be passionate and soft. There will be shedding and you will cry. You’ll also scream, and then jump in the air and click your heels together.

You will emerge. All of you.

A little more about me:

  • I’m a poet. I commune with my soul and roar truths, supporting you to do the same
  • I’m interested in the human condition and have a degree in Psychology to prove it
  • I’m an anxiety warrior. I’ve been rocked by dark depths and now thrive in union with my anxiety

I’m here to help you pen your emotions. I want you to share what you ache for in the dark nights and what you sing for as you stand naked in the rain, howling at the moon… I want you to expose what drives you; what turns you on. Those honest home truths. I want you to scribe the hidden; what you fear will be rejected, ridiculed, dismissed…

Let me hear you. Let the world hear your soulful imprint, your artistic offering, your divine poetic battlescars.

Are you ready to raise your voice and spread it like wildfire?

Let me support you, one anxious poet to another.

  • Check out The Anxious Poet Podcast which features interviews with some ferocious femmes and talented word wizards
  • I do live poetry gigs and slams so check out where I will be performing next. I’m also available for hire at creative workshops and concerts, school events, markets, community gatherings, you name it!
  • Poetry and anxiety are my jive (obviously!). I have written extensively on each and created these resources to help you.
  • I also offer the powerful (Not-So) Anxious Sessions to get to the bottom of your anxiety and make a friend out of her (no shit!)
  • I have created an incredible free seven day writing course for you called INK + FIRE to tap into that juicy heart of yours, start roaring your truths, and get those soul words flowing!

If you would like to work together or connect because connecting is simply rad, send an email to megan (at) theanxiouspoet.com.

For more roared truths, put your name in the box below. It’s the only box I’ll ever put you in, sunshine.

Megan xo

P.S. Yearning for more? Head to Why Poetry here. Dive into my archives of poems or have a mosey at my published words here.