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Why Poetry?

Poetry got me through my childhood. I had a shaky upbringing and words became my saviour.

It’s funny looking back, because I felt I couldn’t express my fear, my hurt, my doubt. But that wasn’t true; I just couldn’t speak about the ugly because I didn’t know how.

I didn’t have the language or the tools to do so. Once I found solace in the little creative cave of my mind and put pen to paper, that’s when the words flowed.

The emotion poured out of me in the form of ink. I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t have that outlet. In all honesty, poetry saved my life…

Fear and vulnerability create my most profound pieces of writing, as well as yours for that matter, because when we write from our depths, we choose to be brave enough to show up and look pain square in the eyes.

When you do this, you forge a truthful and honourable connection with yourself and those around you, and there’s nothing more beautiful.

The world needs more of this. You need this. We’re all screaming for authentic expression through poetry.


Because poetry breeds connection and community with every single word rather than all this insane (and inane!) segregation that leaves us stuck, dissatisfied and searching for… what?

Poetry is your soulspeak. It creates magic. It moves mountains. It bares all and demolishes the labels and the bullshit.

I encourage you to raise your voice, poetess.

Cut through the noise. Remove the clutter. Speak straight from your heart and into mine.

Roar loudly.

We’re all listening.

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