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Welcome to the (not-so) anxious sessions

My hands are clasping at my restricted chest, feeling like I cant get a breath, I need air, space.
I cant think straight, my mind feels like an enemy, what the fuck is wrong with me?!

I used to hate my Anxiety.

She had control of me. Had me locked and spinning inside my own fearful mind. Lost in a maze of indecision and impending doom.

Panic attacks and anxious behaviours paralysed me once upon a time.

Until I stopped, listened, and learned to embrace their message.

Anxiety is a teacher.

Ready and waiting for you to lean in, to find the life-changing lessons that she has for you, and to feel the peace again.

So you can breathe deeply, and remember who you really are.

When you befriend anxiety, that’s when you start to live freely. It’s the only way.

Let me show you how..

In this powerful and punchy 45 minute session we will:

    • Learn the lessons of your pain
    • Discover the underlying message of your anxiety
    • Write through the panic and release the fear
    • Breathe through anxiety and embrace YOU

You will also receive a bonus copy of my ebook EXHALE ~ Your Roadmap To Living Freely (valued at $22)

And a follow-up email.

For only $49.

Ready to release the fear?