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Welcome to Exhale, your roadmap to living freely.

This 70 page E Book is your four part guide on all matters of Anxiety.

PART ONE – Understanding and Fleeing the Trap

PART TWO – Making Intuitive Choices For YOU

PART THREE – Self-Love Maximised

PART FOUR – Embracing and Owning Your Story

You’re not alone, and never, ever will be.



Poetic Workbook

poetic - the workbook v2

This 5 part workbook is your personal guide to writing poetically. How to move into your heart centre (and stay there!). How to translate your soul speak. How to leverage your connection with your readers through poetic prose. Plus space to scribe and an immersion corner filled with techniques to transport you to your Full Heart Expression.

31 pages of inspiration, tailored tools and heart-centred communication.