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Lost your love affair with words?

Has your creative fire dwindled?

Writing through the pain and fear has changed the way I express – and ultimately embrace – myself forever.

It has reignited my passion for prose in a way I never knew was possible.
And I want to light this flame, in you, too..

So I have created this incredibly juicy (and free) resource, for you, to turn those whispers of the heart into wild awakened ROARS!

Join Ink + Fire – Your free 7 day writing course – to reignite your passion for prose

You will receive:

  • 7 daily soul injections: To pump the word love back into your heart
  • 7 daily mantras: Oxygen to your creative flame
  • 7 daily sharings: To get your heart fuelled-ink flowing once more

INK + FIRE will have you tuning into your soul speak, writing from your delicious depths, and falling madly in love with your words all over again!

Want to explore your freaky magic and take your writing to a whole ‘nother level?

Ready to ignite?