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Clammy. A jarring ache in the centre of your chest. Sweaty palms. A mind racing like it’s high on speed.

Anxiety consumes you when it strikes. The world spins wildly but you feel like you’re sinking into a black hole of inertia, struggling to take the next breath without gasping for air.

You don’t know how to stop it. How to climb out. How to make it go away.

Exhale, beauty… Take a full, deep breath to the base of your belly and exhale completely…

Panic attacks and anxious behaviours paralysed me once upon a time.

I was on a rapid rollercoaster to nowhere good when my greatest teacher stepped in to deliver the message I was aching to hear, but was deaf to its whims.

That teacher was Anxiety.

She shook sideways and then all the way to my core. She gave me no choice but to sit still and listen.

What she had to say changed my life forever.

Welcome to Exhale, your roadmap to living freely.
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I wrote this book because it is what I wished I had when anxiety first showed up in my life.

For anyone who has ever suffered with, experienced, or been affected by anxiety, I want you to know this:

You are not alone.
You have never been alone.
You will never, ever be alone.

Whether you’re a friend, a brother, a mother, or a lover with anxiety, no matter who you are or where you’re from, consider Exhale your go-to resource for all your anxiety related moments, queries and healings.

Part memoir, part guide, part how-to, hot tips, and handouts, Exhale combines my degree in psychology with my experience in coaching and my own story and struggle with anxiety.

I want you to befriend your anxiety. You probably think I’m the one on crack now, but hear me out!

When you befriend anxiety, something remarkable happens. She’s no longer a beast with wicked sharp teeth tearing away at your life.

She’s a wise mate with your best interests at heart.
She’s your tandem skydiving partner, ready to hit panic if something is out of whack.
She’s the lollipop lady at the zebra crossing telling you to slow-the-hell-down.

Ignoring her, pushing her away in denial and defence, and the best one, fighting her off with all the muscle you can muster will only aggravate her.

When you befriend anxiety, that’s when you start to live freely. It’s the only way.

My heart is in this book and I hope it helps you. My aim is for these words and insights to lift you up, to comfort you and to inspire you through the dark times.

Exhale is a holistic tool, which includes advice, research and private truths on:

  • Ways to deal with anxiety when she strikes, naturally
  • Personal stories and revelations from my own journey
  • Practical exercises to help you understand anxiety, and befriend her
  • A toolkit of good feels, including uplifting quotes, a beautiful yoga sequence, crystal low-down and much, much more.
  • Exhale is my anxiety bible and I’m honoured to share it with you.

    Megan xo

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    Claire Baker

    Whether as a gift for yourself or a friend, Exhale is a brave, tender and transformative book that feels (as the title suggests) like a big, deep belly breath.
    Perfect for those feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
    I love the personal stories and insights and the clear, practical tips and strategies that form a holistic perspective on managing anxiety. A few years ago, when I was experiencing anxious feelings for the first time in my life, this book would have been a Godsend.

    Claire Baker
    This Is Lifeblood

    Leah Davies

    Megan lives and breathes honesty and truth, and her E Book Exhale is no different. Each word has been delicately chosen to tell the story of her history with anxiety, which has been challenging at the hardest of times, but also her greatest teacher.

    What I respect and deeply value about Megan is her commitment to breaking the stigma and shedding the shame around anxiety in our society. Frank, humorous and undeniably vulnerable in her storytelling, Megan lays it all out on the table – we all experience anxiety so why the attitude? This incredibly self-aware and inspiring lady is on a mission to shake up our skewed beliefs and perceptions around anxiety, and is well and truly on her way with Exhale.

    I feel empowered and more prepared than ever to tackle moments of stress and anxiety with Megan's personal guidance (my copy is dog-eared and highlighted from front to back!) I trust Megan's knowledge and experience wholeheartedly and will return to this E Book time and time again. The practical tools and exercises will calm and centre you immediately and you will learn to listen to what your anxiety is trying to teach you.

    Consider Exhale your personal bible on all matters to do with anxiety. After devouring this E Book, you will feel privileged for your anxiety and its wonderful lessons and truths.

    Don't hesitate a moment longer – grab your copy now!

    Your Investment
    $22 AUD