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Also My Love Love leaves my fingertips like a memory blazing through and lighting up the night sky It sits in me like a heavy burden thick and moving through almost everything Actually, everything. It is a lump laden with aching possibility and a pain addictive and slow I want to run from it and… Read More

Divine Language If my gift was a box of shadows would I finger the ribbon lightly feeling the pleasure of the softness of the silk against my skin. Or do I tear this tingling sensation open with velocity and clenched jaw in trepidation and anticipation. Every word that moves my soul an inch forward, becomes… Read More

Sometimes we just need to surrender to the ebb and flow of life, rather than subscribing to the hustle every damn day mantra. Spoken word: The Beautiful Burden Listen in iTunes | Listen in Soundcloud (poem only)… Read More

Its the Anxious Poet’s first interview! We’re speaking with the beautiful Kylie Aloi from Be Present Coaching. Tune in as we speak openly about anxiety, identifying triggers, and how to be comfortable in exploring your fear and opening up when you need to. A juicy raw chat with some delicious and helpful gems. Stay tuned to the end… Read More

Explore Your Fear. Every human emotion is worth exploring. Strap your big boots on and lets embrace our darkness together!     Listen in iTunes | Listen in Soundcloud (poem only)… Read More