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If Boys Will Be Boys Part Two – Dangerous Beliefs.   In If Boys Will Be Boys Part One – It Never Stops, I spoke quite personally on the effects of buying into this mentality over my lifetime. In Part Two, I want to talk about the dangerous beliefs, this mantra can produce. The consequences… Read More

IF BOYS WILL BE BOYS Part One – It Never Stops **TRIGGER WARNING – Sexual Assault Content. If boys will be boys.. Girls will continue to be harassed, slut-shamed, violated, abused, raped, and killed. Harsh you say? Over the top? Dramatic? No. TRUTH. I have been violated by men my whole life. It began when… Read More

Unravelling Grief Notes on losing Donna ~ My beautiful mother and very best mate ♥ Part One First up I just want to apologise to all those who have reached out but I couldn’t really let in. To the few I did, thank you for receiving me and my pain. Grief feels extremely isolating but… Read More

Also My Love Love leaves my fingertips like a memory blazing through and lighting up the night sky It sits in me like a heavy burden thick and moving through almost everything Actually, everything. It is a lump laden with aching possibility and a pain addictive and slow I want to run from it and… Read More

Divine Language If my gift was a box of shadows would I finger the ribbon lightly feeling the pleasure of the softness of the silk against my skin. Or do I tear this tingling sensation open with velocity and clenched jaw in trepidation and anticipation. Every word that moves my soul an inch forward, becomes… Read More