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Shamed Wild Woman // A woman should not be drunk in public A woman should not be loud A woman should not speak her mind A woman should never interrupt a man. A woman should always put her man’s needs above her own, especially in the bedroom. A woman should keep a clean house All… Read More

  If Boys Will Be Boys Part Three – Dangerous Beliefs II   In If Boys Will Be Boys Part Two I spoke about how subscribing to this mantra can result in women harbouring some very dangerous and destructive beliefs about themselves, their worth, their value, and their place in society. In Part Three I… Read More

If Boys Will Be Boys Part Two – Dangerous Beliefs.   In If Boys Will Be Boys Part One – It Never Stops, I spoke quite personally on the effects of buying into this mentality over my lifetime. In Part Two, I want to talk about the dangerous beliefs, this mantra can produce. The consequences… Read More

IF BOYS WILL BE BOYS Part One – It Never Stops **TRIGGER WARNING – Sexual Assault Content. If boys will be boys.. Girls will continue to be harassed, slut-shamed, violated, abused, raped, and killed. Harsh you say? Over the top? Dramatic? No. TRUTH. I have been violated by men my whole life. It began when… Read More

Unravelling Grief Notes on losing Donna ~ My beautiful mother and very best mate ♥ Part One First up I just want to apologise to all those who have reached out but I couldn’t really let in. To the few I did, thank you for receiving me and my pain. Grief feels extremely isolating but… Read More